Free High Quality Backlink Generator

Free High quality backlink generator

In current time the most challenging topic for those who are new in blogging, to bring visitor their site. Those who work on new blogs have a great deal to get their site ranked in Google.

There are many ways to index a site in Google. Today I will discuss with you a free way to bring visitors for your site.

And that is the way to create backlinks for your site. At first you have to understand what is the backlink? I want to say simple words that, your site address is promoting to another site,  is called backlink.

Since your site is completely new, the visitor will not come to your site. Because nobody knows about your site address. No new site is ranked easily by indexing search engines. So the visitor cannot find your site.

When visitors visit your site from different sites, the search engine will think that your site must have any content that can be useful to the user. So the search engine will rank him slowly and the visitors will start coming through search engines.

How do you create backlink?

There are many rules for creating backlinks. You can create backlinks to your site by sharing your site’s link by commenting on different blogging sites. There are many paid sites that can create backlinks for you.

But there are many free sites that can create backlinks for you. Some of these sites are given below:

Small SEO Tools:

This is very useful site for create backlink for you site. This service completely free. This site provide very useful backlink for your site, which help your site for google rank.


This site is fully free for backlink create. This site provide you more than 80+ backlink for your site.

Index Kings:

This site provide very high quality backlink for your site. It provide more than 500+ backlink for you site.

24/7 Backlinks:

This is also provide high quality backlink for your site. But you need to sign up for this site to get backlink.


This site provide more than 1000+ high quality backlink for you site.

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